Educational Research Journal


2011.第26卷第2期(Vol. 26 No. 2).pp. 271–286


Teachers’ Pro-environmental Qualities: Bridging the Gaps in Environmental Knowledge, Attitude and Behavioral Intentions

鄭雅儀、蘇詠梅(Irene Nga-Yee CHENG & Winnie Wing-Mui SO)


知識的建構、態度的培養和行為的養成是環境教育的三大重要範疇(European Commission, 1997; Global Development Research Center, 2008b)。各國學者曾就上列三個範疇之間的關係作研究,惟所得的結果不盡相同。無論如何,香港至今仍缺乏此方面的研究。本文集中討論一項有關香港小學常識科教師,在此三大範疇中的表現的調查,以了解敎師的環境知識、態度和行為意向,並嘗試透過檢視教師在調查中的表現,對環境教育課程提出修訂的建議,以提升小學教師在處理環保課題的教學能力。



Knowledge construction, attitude cultivation and behavior development are three important dimensions of environmental education (European Commission, 1997; Global Development Research Center, 2008b). Scholars around the world tried to examine the relations among the three dimensions but their study results were varied. Such kind of research in Hong Kong is, however, deficient. This paper aims to examine the levels of environmental knowledge, attitude and behavioral intentions identified in a survey study of the primary General Studies teachers in Hong Kong. Through such an analysis, it is anticipated that the development of effective teacher education programmes and related courses on environmental education could be informed.