Education Journal


2011.第39卷第1–2期(Vol. 39 Nos. 1–2).pp. 95–115


Hong Kong New Senior Secondary Mathematics School-based Assessment: Inspirations from GCSE Coursework of England and School-based Assessment of Queensland

張家麟、林智中、黃毅英、何上沛(Ka-Luen CHEUNG, Chi-Chung LAM, Ngai-Ying WONG, & Polly Sheung-Pui HO)





The implementation of school-based assessment (SBA) is an important component of the new senior secondary (NSS) education reform. Although there is yet to be a timeframe for the implementation of Mathematics SBA, a number of studies have revealed that Mathematics teachers are anxious about the setting and the suggested assessment of SBA questions. Some of them even challenge its effectiveness and fairness. England and Australia are experienced in implementing Mathematics SBA. The assessment model proposed in Hong Kong is similar to the one implemented in England, and the feature of SBA in Queensland is unique as it is based on its school-based curriculum in implementation. With reference to the experience of GCSE coursework in England and SBA in Queensland, this article attempts to provide insights and recommendations on how the Mathematics SBA of Hong Kong might be implemented in the near future.

Keywords: mathematics assessment; mathematics education; new senior secondary; school-based assessment; Hong Kong education reform