Education Journal


2011.第39卷第1–2期(Vol. 39 Nos. 1–2).pp. 67–94


The Understanding of and Catering for Learning Difference and Diversity: Teachers’ Perspectives

韓孝述、李文浩、黃顯華(Hau-Sut HON, Man-Ho LI, & Hin-Wah WONG)





Since compulsory education was introduced in the late 1970s, the increasing number of eligible students has made learning difference and diversity an inevitable issue in Hong Kong’s schooling agenda. An abundance of effort has therefore been drawn to attempts of catering for learning difference and diversity on different levels (e.g., levels of school, curriculum, and classroom teaching). As teachers are both “writers” and “actors” of everyday teaching and catering strategies, their perspectives of understanding the issue shall affect the implementation and effectiveness of strategy. This article reports on a preliminary investigation into the abovementioned teachers’ perspectives by interviewing 10 teachers from 5 local primary and secondary schools. Findings confirmed and further substantiated the “pathognomonic” and “interventionist” perspectives of teachers in face of learning difference and diversity, with teacher’s efficacy as a reliable predictor. Implications on teacher professional development were also discussed.

Keywords: learning difference and diversity; teachers’ perspectives; teacher professional development