Educational Research Journal


2011.第26卷第1期(Vol. 26 No. 1).pp. 123–153


The Decision of Liberal Studies Panel Heads on Groupings: Features of Street-Level Bureaucracy

許頌聲、霍秉坤(Chung-Sing HUI & Ping-Kwan FOK)





The Hong Kong Education Bureau provides additional resources for schools to execute teaching in groups in Liberal Studies. Meanwhile, it allows schools to operate with flexibility in respect to individual school situation. This research focuses on how panels of Liberal Studies, as frontline decision makers and executors, implement small group teaching. The research findings show the panels of Liberal Studies play an important role. In details, they may have different understandings from the intents of policy makers; they may hold the power to judge freely when implementing and executing the policy; and, they may develop accommodating plans to implement their perceived policy. Obviously, Liberal Studies panels own features of “street-level bureaucrats”.