Educational Research Journal


2010.第25卷第2期(Vol. 25 No. 2).pp. 287–324


Conceptual and Pedagogical Changes of Chinese Language Teachers’ Reading Instruction in a School-Based Collaboration Project

劉潔玲(Dinky Kit-Ling LAU)





The new Chinese language curriculum in Hong Kong has changed the traditional instructional approach from a knowledge- and text-based approach to a competence-based approach. As teachers are used to adopt a knowledge transmission approach in teaching Chinese language, it is not easy to change their traditional conception of teaching and instructional approach. This study aims at helping Chinese language teachers in secondary schools to adapt their instructional design based on the self-regulated learning theory to facilitate the development of students’ independent reading ability. This article mainly describes how teachers’ perceptions on the collaboration project, conceptions of reading instruction, and instructional practices changed during this one-year collaboration project. Based on the findings of the study, the advantages and difficulties of collaborative approach as well as the facilitating factors and barriers in teachers’ implementation of curriculum reform are discussed.