Education Journal


2010.第38卷第2期(Vol. 38 No. 2).pp. 105–128


An Analysis on Research Directions and a Framework of “Using Putonghua in Teaching Chinese”

黎少銘(Siu-Ming LAI)





Since the Curriculum Development Council proposed “using Putonghua as the medium for teaching Chinese” (PMI) as the long-term goal in Chinese Language education, different sectors and parties have given their voices on the issue. The notion that “PMI can raise students’ standards of Chinese Language” is particularly controversial. This article puts forward the systemic Input-Process-Output theory to outline and analyze the questions and directions of various aspects of PMI for further researches, and explores the different dimensions (like methodology, learning behavior, and psychological traits) of the education process to epitomize the different research questions of PMI.

Keywords: PMI; theory; outline; educational process; basic strategies