Education Journal


2010.第38卷第2期(Vol. 38 No. 2).pp. 87–103


Facilitating Factors for and Impediments to Internationalization of Hong Kong’s Higher Education

吳迅榮(Shun-Wing NG)





Recently, the Hong Kong government has considered internationalizing its higher education and promoting Hong Kong as a regional education hub. This article reports the findings of a commissioned survey on internationalizing Hong Kong’s higher education. Through qualitative methods such as interviewing stakeholders of Hong Kong’s higher education and searching information from relevant Websites and newspapers, the facilitating factors for and barriers to internationalization were analyzed. Hong Kong being a financial center, the interaction between Hong Kong and China, a society of freedom, and the quality of higher education are those facilitating factors, whereas inadequate policy infrastructure, insufficient visibility of Hong Kong’s higher education services, and social integration problem of non-local students are negative factors for the internationalization of higher education.

Keywords: internationalization; higher education; education hub