Asian Journal of Counselling


2010.第17卷第1及2期(Vol. 17 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 41–59


Effects of Parent-child Separation and Contacts on Chinese Rural Left-behind Children’s Mental Health

潘穎秋、劉正奎(Yingqiu PAN & Zhengkui LIU)




The present study compared peer and teacher-student relationships as well as the levels of mental health between Chinese rural children who were left behind by migrating parents and those whose parents did not migrate. The relations of parent-child separation and contacts with left-behind children’s mental and behavioral health were also examined. A total of 266 fifth graders (171 left-behind children) participated in the study. Results showed that left-behind children demonstrated less harmonious teacher-student relationship and more depression and anxiety symptoms than common children. Parent-child separation had direct negative effects on left-behind children’s relationships with teachers, depression and anxiety symptoms. Parent-child contacts helped to relieve left-behind children’s depression and anxiety symptoms indirectly through its effects on reducing the disharmony of left-behind children’s relationships with teachers. Implications of the results were discussed.