Asian Journal of Counselling


2010.第17卷第1及2期(Vol. 17 Nos. 1 & 2).pp. 23–40


On Idol Transformation Education — Thoughts for Helping Young People to Benefit from Idol Worship

岳曉東(Xiaodong YUE)




This article advocates the concept and principles of “idol transformation education” (ITE) for enhancing critical thinking in idol worship among young people in Hong Kong. First, it discusses the three common problems of idolatrous behaviors in Hong Kong — commercialization of idolatry, homologization of idolatry, and immoderation of idolatry. It then addresses the conceptual differences between an idol and a role model as well as that between idolization and emulation. Finally, it proposes to implement the ITE by helping students to: (1) perceive all star idols of fame and glamour as role models of achievement and self-aspiration; (2) become critical of the features, talents, and characteristics of admired idols; (3) use idol worship as a way of facilitating self-growth and self-development. Taken together, it is hoped that the ITE can promote critical thinking, autonomy, and identity formation in adolescents.