Educational Research Journal


2010.第25卷第1期(Vol. 25 No. 1).pp. 103–124


Program Effectiveness of Whole-school Approach for Tackling Bullying in Hong Kong Primary Schools

黃成榮、鄭漢光、馬勤(Dennis S. W. WONG, Christopher H. K. CHENG, & Stephen K. MA)





This paper highlights programs of a whole-school approach for tackling bullying in two primary schools, reports its effectiveness, and discusses factors leading to the success and failure of the programs. Using a quasi-experimental research design with “intervention” group and “partial intervention” group in two schools, the authors have collected program intervention data over two years to assess the effectiveness of the approach. A total of 493 pre-test and 488 post-test questionnaires were collected from Primary 4 to Primary 6 students. Students’ bullying behaviors, self-esteem, caring behavior, inappropriate assertiveness, lack of empathy, and their ratings on quality of school life were measured. The findings show a significantly marked reduction of bullying behavior in the intervention group as compared with the partial intervention group.