Journal of Basic Education


2009.第18卷第2期(Vol. 18 No. 2).pp. 1–20


An Analysis of Classroom Talk in the PMI Chinese Language Classroom in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Three Primary School Teachers

梁佩雲(Pui-Wan Pamela LEUNG)





For a long time in Hong Kong, the school subject of “Chinese Language” has been taught in Cantonese. Since “Putonghua as a Medium of Instruction” (PMI) was formally endorsed by the authorities as a long-term goal, many schools have made various attempts to implement the PMI policy. Some schools even started to teach the subject in Putonghua as early as Primary One, causing some concern in society. Based on an analysis of classroom data collected from three primary school teachers, this paper reports on both quantitative and qualitative findings which provide evidence for clarifying the following concerns: (1) Can “Chinese Language” for Primary One pupils be taught directly in Putonghua? (2) How can the PMI teachers guide Primary One pupils to adapt to the change in the medium of instruction and learn effectively?