Education Journal


1991.第19卷第1期(Vol. 19 No. 1).pp. 29–40



Curricular Content and Modernity : A Comparative Study of Primary School Textbooks in Hong Kong and Taiwan

區潔珍(Kit-Chun AU)




This essay explores, from the perspective of Sociology of Curriculum and through the method of content analysis, the relationship between primary school curricular content and Individual Modernity. The author designed an "Individual Traditionality-Modernity Scale" which was based on relevant research results in the West and East. This scale was then used in a quantitative analysis of two school subjects: Chinese Language and Social Studies, using a selection of the most popular editions of textbooks in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The study revealed that elements of modernity constitute a greater proportion than traditionality in the four sets of textbooks. However, these two opposing elements often crop up in the same issues covered by the textbooks. It was also discovered that elements of modernity are stronger in textbooks from Hong Kong, whereas elements of traditionality are stronger in those from Taiwan. These show that the textbooks concerned have taken up a function of "Re-production" of the cultural values in the two societies.