Educational Research Journal


2008.第23卷第2期(Vol. 23 No. 2).pp. 253–275


Key Factors for the Success of Pilot School-based Curriculum Tailoring Scheme: Attitude and Knowledge of Implementers

霍秉坤(Ping-Kwan FOK)





Since the establishment of the Curriculum Development Institute, it has implemented a number of reforms. Among these, the implementation of the pilot School-based Curriculum Tailoring Scheme was well-supported by the educators. The purpose of this article is to inquire into the key factors for its successful implementation. First, “people” are the key for curriculum implementation. Second, pilot scheme shows that participants focusing on subject content and teaching of the reform can help to assure the effectiveness of the reform. Finally, to implement the curriculum effectively, we need to consider the context, including the practitioners’ experiences and their receptivity of the reform. The author emphasizes that, in the process of reform, educators need to adapt the curriculum continuously. However, the key for this adaptation is: practitioners that are willing and have knowledge.