Educational Research Journal


2008.第23卷第1期(Vol. 23 No. 1).pp. 117–133


Students’ Subjective Perceptions of the Applicability of Contextual Teaching and Learning Method in Family Therapy Training in Hong Kong

馬麗莊(Joyce L. C. MA)





This article attempts to report the results of a qualitative study conducted in Hong Kong, which aims to study the applicability of contextual teaching and learning method in family therapy training for students completed Master in Social Work (part-time) Programme of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. A total of 19 students participated in the in-depth interview immediately after the completion of a yearly course of family therapy. The students had made use of different lively and graphic metaphors including a durian, horse-riding, a rapid, a journey, playing swinging, and a roller coaster to express their mixed feelings in learning; they described their understanding of family therapy as a mass of snowflakes in a huge ocean, archaeology, a biblical character, cake baking, chess playing, a baby and a primary school student. In the eyes of the students, their learning process was gradual, like eating a rice dumpling, planting a tree and learning to play a ball. Implications of the results of this study on teaching are discussed at the end of the paper.