Education Journal


1990.第18卷第2期(Vol. 18 No. 2).pp. 185–196



Development of Extra-Curricular Activities in Hong Kong Primary Schools in the Eighties

黃顯華、馮以浤(Hin-Wah WONG & Yee-Wang FUNG)




This paper compares the results of two surveys on the provision of and responses to extra-curricular activities in Hong Kong primary schools conducted in 1983 and 1988. The same questionnaire was sent to all primary schools in Hong Kong on both occasions through the government Education Department. The response rates were 28.87% in 1983 and 85.34% in 1988. Results show that there was an improvement over the years. Improvements were most marked in schools which had fewer pupils, were less well-equipped, and/or provided a whole-day programme. Many principals mentioned that their major concerns with regard to this aspect of education were teachers' attitudes and skills.