Educational Research Journal


2007.第22卷第2期(Vol. 22 No. 2).pp. 269–288


A Comparative Research of Managerial Cultures of Private and Public Secondary Schools in Shanghai

彭新強、田愛麗(Nicholas Sun-Keung PANG & Aili TIAN)





Organizational culture plays an important role in quality of school management and teaching activities. The researchers compared the managerial cultures between the private and public secondary schools in Shanghai. A questionnaire, the School Values Inventory (SVI), was used to survey twenty one secondary schools randomly selected in Shanghai. Based on the quantitative results, seven schools characterized with distinctive managerial cultures were examined as case studies. The researchers explored the deeper assumptions that have shaped the schools’ managerial cultures. Findings show that the differences in the schools’ managerial cultures have related to the complicated historical traditions, conditions for survival, and the recent development of the educational system in Shanghai. Suggestions and recommendations on further improvement of school management in Shanghai are provided at the end of this paper.