Educational Research Journal


2007.第22卷第2期(Vol. 22 No. 2).pp. 247–268


Home School Collaboration in Macao: Taking Stock and Looking for the Future

何瑞珠(Esther Sui-Chu HO)





In 2001, Macao SAR Government began to emphasize the importance of home-school collaboration (HSC) in her policy report, encouraging schools to establish parent association in order to facilitate better understanding and communication among parents, teachers and schools. It has been more than five years since the HSC policy initiated in Macao; however, a comprehensive review of current status on home-school collaboration is still lacking. The study is the first large scale survey to take stock of current practices of home-school collaboration practices in Macao. The objective of this study is to examine parents’ views and expectations towards home-school collaboration and to discuss the possible development of HSC in Macao in the future.