Educational Research Journal


2007.第22卷第1期(Vol. 22 No. 1).pp. 111–133


An Exploratory Study of "Words By Words" Teaching Method on Primary Two Students' Competence and Interest of Learning Chinese Words

王少霞、蕭美歡、梁成安(Sio-Ha WONG, Catherine Mei-Fun SIO, & Shing-On LEUNG)





This is an exploratory study of “words by words” teaching method on the competence and interest of learning Chinese words for Primary Two students in Macau. Two teaching methods, the “words by words” and “words from passages” methods, are conducted four times including the pre-test, post-test, and the three questionnaires in an experimental research design implemented on one class of Primary Two students. The “words by words” teaching method uses the characteristics of different parts of Chinese words, while “words from passages” method teaches students according to the context of the passages. It is found that the "words by words" teaching method has marked effects both on the competence and interest of students in learning Chinese words.