Educational Research Journal


2007.第22卷第1期(Vol. 22 No. 1).pp. 93–109


A Comparative Study on the Compilation System and Pattern of Junior Secondary Chinese Language Textbooks in Hong Kong and Shanghai

何文勝(Man-Sing HO)





This study compares the compilation of junior secondary Chinese language textbooks in Hong Kong and Shanghai, with reference to system, cognition, disciplines, competence structure and curriculum theories. Findings reveal that, a more scientific planning can be implemented in the two sets of textbooks in the dimensions of unit structure, compilation system and pattern. With regard to writing, the Hong Kong textbooks are all-inclusive and encyclopedia-like, that makes it difficult for teachers to cover all the contents within a tight school schedule. The Shanghai textbooks are rather condensed that supplement is necessary. Textbook compilers should integrate the structural elements of these two sets of junior secondary Chinese language textbooks in order to maximize teaching effectiveness.