Educational Research Journal


2007.第22卷第1期(Vol. 22 No. 1).pp. 69–91


Curriculum Integration and Teachers' Professional Development: The Case Studies of Hong Kong Primary Schools

陳健生(Jacqueline Kin-Sang CHAN)





This paper aims to explore what challenges teachers had met and how they developed themselves professionally as they implemented curriculum integration in their own schools. The results of the study illustrate that teachers had become more concerned about the orientations of the school curriculum and their students' needs. However, teachers had worries and uncertainties during the process, especially in the decision of selecting teaching contents. It is also found that teachers' professional development was restricted within the area of subject teaching given the prevalence of subject curriculum in schools. If curriculum integration is to be implemented in the primary school contexts in Hong Kong, the problem of subject barricades should not be neglected.