Educational Research Journal


2006.第21卷第2期(Vol. 21 No. 2).pp. 259–282


Chinese Language Teachers’ Perception and Implementation of Reading Strategy Instruction: Two School-based Programs

劉潔玲(Dinky Kit-Ling LAU)





The study aimed to help Chinese language teachers from two secondary schools develop and implement their school-based reading strategy instruction program by adopting a researcher-teacher collaborative approach. The program coordinator from each school was invited to participate in an investigation on his/her perception and implementation of reading strategy instruction. Findings of the study indicated that teachers generally had positive attitudes towards strategy instruction. Besides the positive effects of strategy instruction on enhancing students’ reading comprehension, teachers also agreed that their teaching skills and reflection on strategy instruction were enhanced through the experiences of developing school-based strategy instruction program. However, findings of the study revealed that teachers did not show obvious paradigm shift in their instructional approach as proposed by strategy instruction theory. They remained to adopt traditional teacher-centered approach in delivering their strategy lessons.