Educational Research Journal


2006.第21卷第1期(Vol. 21 No. 1).pp. 93–110


Implementation of New Chinese Language Curriculum: Perspectives from Teaching Beliefs of Teachers

譚彩鳳(Choi-Fung TAM)





The new secondary Chinese Language curriculum in Hong Kong promotes learner-centred teaching, which is different from traditional teaching conception in the past. Therefore, this qualitative study aims to explore the teaching beliefs of six Chinese language teachers and their influence on curriculum implementation. The results revealed that teaching beliefs of teachers could be divided into two main orientations of transmission and heuristics. It also indicated that the existing beliefs of transmission-oriented teachers were incongruent with the underlying philosophy of the new curriculum thus hampered its implementation. But the beliefs of heuristics-oriented teachers were in line with the new curriculum, which facilitated its successful implementation. It is suggested that the key to successful curriculum implementation is continuous teacher development, which fosters change of beliefs and practices of teachers.