Education Journal


1990.第18卷第2期(Vol. 18 No. 2).pp. 121–128



A Study of the Common Encoding Errors in Using Cantonese Encoding System and Strokes Encoding System

譚英隆、鍾財文(Ying-Lung TAM & Choi-Man CHUNG)




Two groups of students from a college of education were taught to use two different Chinese encoding systems - Strokes Encoding System and Cantonese Encoding System. After the learning period, the subjects were given paper-and-pencil tests to check their accuracy and error patterns of encoding. The methodology and part of the results have been discussed in the same journal (see Tam, Chung, 1989). This paper emphasizes on the students' encoding errors of using Cantonese Encoding System and Strokes Encoding System. Causes to such error patterns are also discussed. Finally, recommendations to improve these two encoding systems are made.