Educational Research Journal


2005.第20卷第1期(Vol. 20 No. 1).pp. 121–139


Vernacular Normal School for Men (1920–1940): An Important Cradle of Chinese Teachers in Early 20th Century Hong Kong

方駿(Jun FANG)





The Vernacular Normal School for Men was established in September 1920 by the education authorities of the Hong Kong government to solve the problem of shortage of qualified schoolteachers. Together with the Vernacular Normal School for Women and the Tai Po Vernacular Normal School, the teacher training institutes supplied majority of the qualified pre-service Chinese teachers in Hong Kong during the ensuing decades. To date, however, there is not any detailed study of the Normal School for Men, let alone specific research into particular aspects of the teacher education institute. This article, using documentary material collected from a variety of sources, discusses the School's development, staff, students, and curriculum, as well as the contributions of its alumni association to Hong Kong's school education during and beyond the decades of its existence. It also proposes a host of questions on various aspects of the School's educational practices for future scholarly research.