Educational Research Journal


2005.第20卷第1期(Vol. 20 No. 1).pp. 101–119


The Use of Readers Theatre in the Teaching of Poetry

何洵怡(Shun-Yee HO)





Readers theatre is an interesting and multi-sensory mode of learning that integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In a literature class, students can fully grasp the emotions expressed by the author through reading in a dramatic style. The purpose of this study is to emphasize that poems can be adapted to readers theatre and can be effectively learned and appreciated in this way. Taking the example of Xu Zhimo's Farewell Again to Cambridge, I pointed out that textbooks may only superficially interpret this poem. In order to write an authentic script for performance, students have to decipher the sophisticated and profound meaning of the poem by reading a lot of biographies and works of Xu. According to the comments given by students after a class practice of this activity, they learned that a lyrical poem can be adapted to a play with several sides of the character. In the learning process, they obtained a deeper understanding of the intricacy of the poem by adopting a theatrical mode of expression and interpretation.