Educational Research Journal


2003.第18卷第1期(Vol. 18 No. 1).pp. 97–112


Impacts of Gender and Age on Adolescent Idol Worship: A Study in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland

岳曉東、張宙橋、黃成榮(Xiaodong YUE, Chau-Kiu CHEUNG, & Sing-Wing WONG)





The present study discovers that there exists a “same sex identification tendency” in selection of idols among high school students in both Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. This is particularly characterized by Hong Kong female students’ selection of female idols and by Mainland male students’ selection of male idols. This shows a strong identification effect in adolescent idol worship. In addition, as age increased, Hong Kong students showed insignificant difference in their overwhelming selection of star idols while Mainland students selected significantly more luminary idols. This may be attributed to a high degree of commercialization of star idols in Hong Kong and a low degree of commercialization of star idols in the Chinese Mainland.