Educational Research Journal


2002.第17卷第2期(Vol. 17 No. 2).pp. 289–315


A Comparison between High Achieving and Low Achieving Hong Kong Students on Chinese Reading Comprehension and Strategy Use

劉潔玲(Dinky Kit-Ling LAU)





This study aims to explore the Chinese reading comprehension problems among Hong Kong junior secondary students through investigating their ability of using reading strategy. Two groups of Grade 7 students with different achievement levels were compared on their reading comprehension performance, ability of using different reading strategies and self-reported frequency use of strategy. Findings in this study showed that students’ general ability of using reading strategy was only moderate. The reading comprehension ability of academically low achievers was especially poor. They were not able to use higher-order cognitive strategies as well as lacking self-regulation and monitoring ability during reading process. This paper suggests that, in order to improve low achievers’ reading comprehension ability, Hong Kong educators should alter the traditional reading instruction to direct strategy instruction.