Educational Research Journal


2002.第17卷第2期(Vol. 17 No. 2).pp. 253–272


School Bullying in Secondary Schools: Teachers’ Perceptions and Tackling Strategies

黃成榮、盧鐵榮(Dennis S. W. WONG & Tit-Wing LO)





There have been growing interests in studying students’ bullying problems among international scholars in recent years. Interest in, and concern with, the problem has seen researchers focusing on various aspects of this social phenomenon such as its incidence and nature, characteristics of bullies, attitudes towards bullying, the effects of bullying and the views of teachers. Nevertheless, there is rather little systematic investigation of bullying in Hong Kong. This paper provides a literature review of bullying studies in other countries and presents a community-wide study, which explores teachers’ perceptions towards bullying in secondary schools. Based on results and literature review, the authors suggest that a multi-disciplinary cooperative strategy should be adopted. Besides, anti-bullying curricula, aggression reduction programs, and early-intervention self-protection programs for potential victims of bullying should be developed. A peer mediation scheme should also be considered so that students could help to create a harmonious environment in school.