Educational Research Journal


2002.第17卷第1期(Vol. 17 No. 1).pp. 117–135


An Exploration of Respect for Teachers among Hong Kong Primary School Students

李淑賢、譚肖芸(Yvonne S. Y. LI & Vicky C. W. TAM)





This study examined respect for teachers among 550 senior primary school students using a newly developed measurement scale. Results of this study showed that in general students held respect for their teachers. Such positive attitudes were mainly cognitive-based and reflected the characteristics of traditional and contemporary cultural conceptions. Significant differences in respect for teachers were found in terms of students' gender, grade level, and family background. It was also shown that respect for teachers correlated positively with study attitudes, academic performance and prosocial behavior, and negatively with anti-social behavior. Findings of this study render support to the significance of respect for teachers as a virtue to be cultivated among primary school students. In light of the findings, teachers are urged to reflect on their professionalism.