Educational Research Journal


2001.第16卷第2期(Vol. 16 No. 2).pp. 273–296


An Inquiry of the Writing Topics of "Whole Language Writing Project" — From Assigned Topics to Area and Individual Topics Designed

關之英(Che-Ying KWAN)





One of the reasons that students are not interested in writing could be: the topics which teachers assigned are too rigid and dull. In 1997, eight primary schools in Hong Kong join a project named "Whole Language Writing Project" to reform the teaching of writing. One characteristic of this project is: teachers would give students an "Area Topic" instead of assigning a topic for them to decide their "Individual Topic" accordingly. For example, given "shrink" as an "Area Topic", then topics students may come out could be: "If I become smaller in size", "The earth becomes smaller", "The teacher becomes small", "How to make xx smaller", "Advantages and disadvantages of xx to be smaller" etc. This paper aims to introduce and analyse the "Area Topics" and the "Individual Topics" of this writing project. Opinions of the students are also included. The research subjects were one class of each form in eight primary schools. Research methods used were questionnaire and interviews. The findings are, even P.1 students can produce many "Individual Topics", and students showed that their interest in writing can be aroused by the practice.