Educational Research Journal

Disruptive Classroom Behavior Perceived by Hong Kong Primary School Teachers

2001.第16卷第2期(Vol. 16 No. 2).pp. 223–237

Disruptive Classroom Behavior Perceived by Hong Kong Primary School Teachers

Jin-Pang LEUNG(梁展鵬)& Chung-Lim HO


Handling disruptive classroom behavior is a major task for teachers. However, only a few studies have been conducted in Hong Kong secondary schools, similar work in primary schools is lacking. This study assessed the perception of Hong Kong primary school teachers on the categories of disruptive classroom behavior, including their severity and frequency. In addition, the relationships between classroom management and other demographic variables were examined. Participants consisted of 144 primary school teachers coming from 10 primary schools located at different areas of Hong Kong. Teachers responded to a modified questionnaire of behavior categories based on those developed by Wheldall & Merrett (1988) and suggestions made by local teachers. The results showed that teachers rated "Talking Out of Turn" and "Non-attentiveness" the number one and second severe and frequent classroom behavior, respectively. Boys were rated more disruptive than girls and the boy-girl ratio was 2.1:1.0. Among the responses, 93% cited boys as the most disruptive in class. Over 61% of teachers reported spending 10–20% of class time on classroom management. The findings suggest that, to improve the quality of learning in Hong Kong primary schools, teachers should be provided with pre-service and in-service training on classroom management skills.

Keywords: disruptive classroom behavior; classroom management; primary school