Educational Research Journal

Building Quality Schools for Our Children

2001.第16卷第2期(Vol. 16 No. 2).pp. 179–191

Building Quality Schools for Our Children

David W. CHAN(陳維鄂)


Whether our schools are implementing an education suited only to an earlier era or they have failed the mission of education all along, their restructuring and redesign are urgently required. In addressing both utilitarian and epistemological concerns, the "variable" and "constant" aspects of education are examined, the centrality of learners as well as the process of learning and teaching are highlighted, and the need for going beyond basic literacies and introducing disciplinary thinking through in-depth studies of cultural exemplars of "zhen," "shan," and "mei" (truth, goodness, and beauty) are emphasized. Finally, the importance of building quality schools for our children on the basis of good practices and their evaluation is discussed.

Keywords: school restructuring; quality school; Hong Kong