Educational Research Journal


2001.第16卷第1期(Vol. 16 No. 1).pp. 131–157


The Proposed Curriculum Reform of Hong Kong — Full of Contradictions, Short of Professionalism

林智中(Chi-Chung LAM)





The Curriculum Development Institute has announced a series of curriculum reform measures to realize the aims of educational reform as put forward by the Education Commission. This paper points out that some of these curriculum reform measures are problematic from both the design and the implementation perspectives. The issues discussed include the problem of designing curriculum targets, the implementation of curriculum integration, school-based curriculum development, and the resource support for curriculum reform. The Curriculum Development Institute, being the professional curriculum development agency, should have seriously considered all these design and implementation problems before putting them forward. Promulgating problematic reform measures without extensive trial run could be seen as an immoral move. It is argued that the pace of current curriculum reform should be slowed down so that the measures could be thoroughly tried out before they are implemented on a territory-wide scale.