Educational Research Journal

Pleasurable Learning in a Project-based Interdisciplinary Curriculum

2001.第16卷第1期(Vol. 16 No. 1).pp. 99–130

Pleasurable Learning in a Project-based Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Nicholas Sun-Keung PANG(彭新強)& Wai-Chun YEUNG


Educational reform in the new century proposes the introduction of a new culture and new strategies of teaching and learning in order to nurture in students basic generic skills and positive attitudes and values. To enhance more pleasurable learning, there has been greater intention to integrate project-based learning into the curriculum to deepen students' content knowledge and high-order thinking. This paper traces how students perceived a project-based learning scheme in a flexible-subject mode over an insulated-subject framework. The learning scheme was implemented in junior secondary level. A survey was undertaken to examine if the change in curriculum design affected students' perception of educational outcomes in five domains: (i) initiative in learning, (ii) learning through experience, (iii) cooperative learning (iv) creativity in learning, and (v) language proficiency. Evidence showed that students enjoyed such a mode of learning and students' perceptions of some of the domains were positive. However, more support for such learning scheme are to be enlisted from the school administration, inter-school community and educational agencies.

Keywords: pleasurable learning; project work; interdisciplinary curriculum