Educational Research Journal

Can Web-based Laboratories Replace Traditional Laboratories?

2000.第15卷第1期(Vol. 15 No. 1).pp. 257–274

Can Web-based Laboratories Replace Traditional Laboratories?



Learning through the web is becoming popular as it can be performed at any place, any time, and any pace. With advanced multimedia technology, using the web as a teaching medium becomes an exciting prospect that makes remote learning easier and it encourages interactive way of learning. Web-based teaching plus some management programs can automatically monitor and mark the work of each learner. Lecturers' time can be saved and reallocated to identify and help learners who are having problems. In this study, a web-based laboratory was set up and tested by students. Updated laboratory sheets were distributed to students through the Internet and displayed on a web browser. Students undertook work using a virtual environment to test their design. Response from students to this virtual laboratory was positive. Interview results and comments from students reveal further opportunities for improvement of this web-based laboratory approach. A comparison is made to find out the possibility of this innovative web-based laboratory for replacing the traditional laboratory.

Keywords: web-based learning; virtual teaching; distance learning