Education Journal


1990.第18卷第1期(Vol. 18 No. 1).pp. 27–34



Effects of Self-monitoring and Reinforcement on Problem-solving Performance

黃毅英(Ngai-Ying WONG)




The present study was undertaken to investigate the effect of self-monitoring and reinforcement on problem-solving performance. With the help of the self-monitoring scale, 30 high self-monitors and 30 low self-monitors were chosen from a total population of 158 form 3 students in a local subsidized school to receive positive, negative and neutral reinforcement while working with problems in mathematics. Analysis of covariance revealed that the mean general problem-solving ability of the high self-monitors was significantly higher than that of the low self-monitors and that the rule-applying abilities and confidence in problem-solving of the treatment groups was higher than the control group.