Educational Research Journal


1999.第14卷第2期(Vol. 14 No. 2).pp. 315–340


Paradigms for Research on Teaching Revisited

霍秉坤、黃顯華(Ping-Kwan FOK & Hin-Wah WONG)





Many scholars pay much attention to the concept about paradigms for research on teaching. Over 16 articles use the topic as title, which shows the importance of this concept. Wong (1991) wrote an article to analyze different categorization proposed by various scholars. Based on Wong (1991), this article tries to provide a critical review on the categorization. This article is divided into four main parts: 1. suggestion to the definition of paradigm; 2. brief synthesis on the various categorization of paradigms for research on teaching; 3. comments on the categorization, and a proposal for a positivistic and interpretive paradigm for research on teaching; and 4. discussion about the future development of the concept of research on teaching.