Educational Research Journal

Student Teachers' Perceptions of Teaching and Learning: An Exploratory Study of the Level of Reflectivity

1997.第12卷第2期(Vol. 12 No. 2).pp. 180–189

Student Teachers’ Perceptions of Teaching and Learning: An Exploratory Study of the Level of Reflectivity

John Chi-Kin LEE & Ka-Ming Patrick WONG(李子建、黃家鳴)


Reflective teaching, of various interpretations, has been increasingly discussed in the literature of teacher education. By employing a hierarchical framework which has integrated essential elements of Van Manen's levels of reflectivity, Biggs and Watkins' conceptions of teaching and learning, and LaBoskey's categories of reflection in teacher education, the study attempted to explore local student teachers' perceptions of teaching and learning in terms of their levels of reflectivity. The investigation consisted of a questionnaire study administered twice to a group of 70 student teachers (57 taking both, 11 only the first, and 2 only the second) who completed teacher-training courses in the former Colleges of Education, and were then taking a full-time B.Ed. programme at the university. Their verbal descriptions of teaching, learning and the inter-relationship were analysed and coded, first based on a prespecified framework of reflectivity, and second, by using indexed key words only. Cluster analysis was applied to the coded data by the second scheme to establish convergence of the two approaches and to reveal group characteristics in verbal responses. Overall, the results have revealed that the majority of subjects, despite their training experience, still held traditional quantitative conceptions of teaching and learning. Furthermore, there was a lack of congruence with regard to the quantitative conceptions of teaching and learning and an interdependence between the two. These results call for a critical re-examination of current approaches to induce more qualitative, reflective understanding of learning and teaching in teacher education programmes.


反思教學在教師教育的文獻中備受討論,亦有不同的詮釋。本文嘗試結合Van Manen的反思水平、Biggs及Watkins就教與學的感知及LaBoskey對教師教育中的反思分類等理論觀點,來探討本地職前教師對教與學感知的反思水平。本研究採用同一問巷,對共70名職前教師先後進行兩次調查(57位填答兩次,11位只填答第一次,2位只填答第二次)。他們俱已完成教育學院的師範課程,並正在大學修讀全日制教育學士課程。他們所填答對有關教與學以及兩者關係的資料,採用了兩種方式處理:第一種乃基於前述預設的理論架稱分類;第二種利用答案中之關鍵字轉錄,再經過群聚分析,嘗試確立二者之收斂性及填答之典型組別特徵。結果顯示大部分已完成師範訓練的職前教師對教與學仍處於傳統和較量化的理解,而且這種理解與其對教與學之關係缺乏一致性。就這些結果,我們有必要檢視當前教師教育課程中應如何建立對教與學更質化及具反思性的理解。