Educational Research Journal

How Do Hong Kong Hospital-based Student Nurses Learn?

1995.第10卷第1期(Vol. 10 No. 1).pp. 54–59

How Do Hong Kong Hospital-based Student Nurses Learn?

Albert Yung-Kwan CHAN & David WATKINS


The approaches to learning of 86 first year and 104 third year Hong Kong General Nursing students were assessed by a modified version of the Study Process Questionnaire (SPQ; Biggs, 1987). The SPQ was found to have adequate scale internal consistency reliability estimates and factor structure supporting within-construct validity for this sample. The responses to the SPQ indicated that the student nurses may become less deep- and achievement-oriented as they progress through their studies. However, the student nurses associated success in their course to a deep level approach and tended to report learning strategies at least as deep as other medical science students in Hong Kong.