Educational Research Journal

Assessing Student Problem Behaviors in Hong Kong: The Conners Teacher Rating Scale

1995.第10卷第1期(Vol. 10 No. 1).pp. 47–53

Assessing Student Problem Behaviors in Hong Kong: The Conners Teacher Rating Scale

David W. CHAN & Kit-Ling LAU(陳維鄂、劉潔玲)


Two hundred and seven secondary school students were rated by six teachers on the frequency of student problem behaviors, student participation, and student attitudes toward authority using the Conners Teacher Rating Scale (CTRS). It was found that behaviors indicating a lack of student involvement were rated as most common, followed by various minor misbehaviors and uncooperative attitudes. While there were few age group differences on the frequency of occurrence of these problem behaviors, notable gender differences on certain specific problem behaviors were found. In general, student problem behaviors could be conceptualized in terms of five dimensions: General Misbehaviors, Problems in Interpersonal Relations, Uncooperative Attitudes, Mood Problems, and Lack of Involvement. These results were consistent with the free responses on common problem behaviors by another group of 69 secondary school teachers. The sound psychometric properties of the CTRS in this cultural context suggested the viability of its use in future research on student problem behaviors in Hong Kong.