Educational Research Journal

Early Childhood Training in Hong Kong

1994.第9卷第1期(Vol. 9 No. 1).pp. 52–59

Early Childhood Training in Hong Kong

Marjory EBBECK & Fred EBBECK


This paper reports on a section of a larger project funded by the Hong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services (CECES) which investigated early childhood education and training in Hong Kong. What is presented in this paper is the results of a survey of 1259 kindergarten and child care workers who responded to a survey questionnaire. Given current community concern about the inadequacy of training for the early childhood workforce respondents were asked to reply to questions about what the minimum length of training should be, should the length of training be the same for kindergarten and child care, should training be unified, what content should be included in the training curriculum, what should be next level of training be after the basic course, were respondent interested in completing further training, should credit be given for pervious training, identification of overlap in training courses, overall satisfaction with training received, identification of problems with current training and perceived solutions, overall satisfaction with career opportunities. The paper presents these results and discusses some implications of the survey findings for the early childhood workforce in Hong Kong.