Educational Research Journal

Towards a Taxonomy of Teacher Thinking

1994.第9卷第1期(Vol. 9 No. 1).pp. 38–43

Towards a Taxonomy of Teacher Thinking

Thomas K. W. TANG & David WATKINS


The suitability of six established taxonomies of teacher thinking were considered for use in analysing the interview protocols of the planning practices of four expert and four novice teachers of Chemistry in Hong Kong secondary schools. Each was found to be wanting for our purposes either because they required more specialised probing than provided by our interview material or they proved to lack ecological validity in terms of discriminating between the cognitions of the expert and novice teachers. A Taxonomy of Teacher Thinking (TOTT) was then developed to classify the structural complexity of the teachers' thinking. TOTT was adapted from the established SOLO Taxonomy (Biggs & Collis, 1982) of student thinking. Evidence is provided of the reliability and ecological validity of TOTT. We suggest that this taxonomy may be of value to other researchers as it would seem to be suitable for analysing evidence of teacher thinking from a range of sources.



各種分類法有其不足之處,或是由於它們要求比面談提供資料更細緻的探索,或是由於它們被證明缺乏生態上的效度去分別優秀教師和初入行教師的認知。本研究發展一個教師思想分類法(TOTT)去將教師思想的複雜結構分類,TOTT是修訂自SOLO學生思想分類法(Biggs & Collis, 1982)。本文提出TOTT的信度和生態上效度的證據,我們建議此分類法可對其他研究者有價值,因為它看來適合去分析各種來源的教師思想的證據。