Educational Research Journal


1993.第8卷(Vol. 8).pp. 79–87


林守純、謝錫金(Sau-Shun LAM & Shek-Kam TSE)




In Hong Kong, effective punctuation teaching strategy is not well-developed. The present study aims at investigating the punctuating strategies of students in different levels. Two cases were studied in the experiment. Subjects included a primary five pupil and a form six student. The research subjects were asked to control a computer and divide passages into 'punctuation units'. Afterwards, they had to insert punctuation marks. During the experiment, the research subjects had to 'think-aloud'. The whole process was recorded by the researcher. According to the data collected (background information provided by the subjects, the think-aloud protocols and the data gathered in the 'stimulated-recall' interviews), the researcher discovered that both subjects did not have deep understanding about punctuation usage. However, various kinds of punctuating strategies were used. The result of the experiment may suggest some useful information about punctuation learning. It is hoped that this report will stimulate greater interest among educators in Hong Kong to improve punctuation teaching method in future.