Education Journal


1989.第17卷第1期(Vol. 17 No. 1).pp. 95–99



School-Based Curriculum Development: Reflections from International Experiences and Researches

黃顯華(Hing-Wah WONG)




This paper explores the definition of the concept ‘School-based Curriculum Development’ (SBCD). The nature of this kind of curriculum development strategy should bring about a redistribution of power and resources within the education system. The different combinations of the multi-definitions of the two dimensions ‘school-based’ and ‘curriculum development’ offer a variety of possible nature of the concept. The reasons, conditions, constraints and relevant researches of this trend of curriculum development will be highlighted in the latter part of this paper. Based on the analysis of this paper, it is hoped that we might have a better picture of the nature and future development of the SBCD Project Scheme just started in Hong Kong.