Educational Research Journal

Teenage Suicide in Hong Kong 1981–1992: Age Trend, Time and Georgraphical Distribution

1993.第8卷(Vol. 8).pp. 32–39

Teenage Suicide in Hong Kong 1981–1992: Age Trend, Time and Georgraphical Distribution

Paul YIP(葉兆輝)& Angela YU


This study gives an overview of the teenage suicides in Hong Kong during the period of 1981–1992. It was found that the suicide rate for the population of age between 10 to 19 years has been quite steady during the period of 1981–1991. The drastic increase in 1992 is mainly attributed by the age group between 10 and 14 years which has been increased by three times in comparing with the 1991 figures. On the other hand the suicide rate for the age group between 15–19 years remains steady in the years of 1991 and 1992. Distribution of the suicide cases among the months in a year were not evenly distributed. The months of May and June have more cases than others. However, the cases were more evenly distributed in recent years. Also, it was found that the districts Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin and Tsuen Wan have the most cases; the districts Wong Tai Sin, Yuen Long and Shatin were among the highest suicide rates in the Territory. Average suicide age among the teenagers were shown to be on a decreasing trend. The overall mean age of the suicide deaths of the age group 10–19 had the mean age 18.06 years in 1982 and 14.48 years in 1992.