Education Journal


1989.第17卷第1期(Vol. 17 No. 1).pp. 73–78



Some Applications of Problem-Solving Research to the Teaching of Physics

杜秉祺(Ping-Kee TAO)


解難研究目的在了解人們解決問題時的思維過程和採用的策略。近年許多解難研究的領域都是集中在物理問題上,而其中一些研究成果,對物理的教與學提供啟示和一些有用的教學策略。本文先對解難研究作一簡闡述,然後討論類比問題(analogical problems)和初學者與專家(novice-expert)解難比較研究與及它們的成果,而討論的焦點則集中在物理教學上的應用。


Research on problem solving aims at studying the thinking processes involved and the strategies employed in solving problems. Physics has been used as the domain for problem solving in many recent studies and some of the findings are applicable to the teaching and learning of physics. This paper first describes a framework for studying problem solving and then reviews researches in two areas: analogical problem solving, and differences between expert and novice in solving physics problems, with the emphasis on how the researches inform teaching.