Educational Research Journal

The Medium of Instruction Issue Revisited

1991.第6卷(Vol. 6).pp. 63–68

The Medium of Instruction Issue Revisited

Lam-Fat LO(盧林發)


The present study reviews the current status of the medium of instruction issue in Hong Kong and further investigates the effect of different modes of medium of instruction on student achievement in major school subjects. A total of 779 secondary-3 students from different schools took achievement tests in English and in mathematics. The English and mathematics teachers of these sampled students were surveyed to determine the modes of instruction in their classes. In addition, information regarding teacher and student characteristics was collected by means of questionnaire survey on the participating teachers and students. The findings reveal that in terms of mathematics achievement, students in the Chinese-dominant classes excel those in the English-dominant and Chinese-and-English-mixed classes while students in the latter classes are not significantly different, and that in terms of English achievement, the Chinese-and-English mixed mode is superior to the English-dominant mode.