Educational Research Journal


1991.第6卷(Vol. 6).pp. 23–26


蕭炳基(Ping-Kee SIU)




This study investigates the effects of text type and text length on macroprocessing. Two types of texts were written and their macrostructures were based on the generalization and construction rules in van Dijk's model. Each text contained two parts, a context and a concluding statement. Short context was derived from the long one by omitting the last part of the context. Subjects read the context and judged whether the concluding idea adequately described what the text led to. Altogether 76 Form III students participated in this experiment. Significant difference was observed in the latency measure on text length condition, longer latency being obtained on the short text condition. Difference due to text type or text length was not significant in the comprehension measure. This result does not concur with the previous research which demonstrated effects of text type on recall tasks. The present findings were interpreted that different cognitive strategies would be applied to comprehensibility and memorability of text information involving different text types.