Educational Research Journal


1990.第5卷(Vol. 5).pp. 113–117


The Concept of Intelligence of Hong Kong Primary School Students

侯傑泰、鄧薇先、馮家正、張志鴻(Kit-Tai HAU, Mei-Sin TANG, Ka-Ching FUNG, & Chi-Hung CHEUNG)




The present study examined students' conceptions of intelligence. Primary school students in Hong Kong (n = 129) were asked to indicate on a self-constructed questionnaire whether they believed that intelligence was an inborn and inmalleable personal qualify. A factor analysis of the items displayed a three-factor structure. It was found that high achievers and those with high IQ (as shown in the Raven Progressive Matrices) believed that intelligent people were superior only in some kinds of work, and they still had to work hard to get good results. The relationships revealed were consistent with those hypothesized or suggested by pervious researches. The notion that Chinese students are brought up in an environment where effort and hard work are emphasized is supported.