Educational Research Journal


1990.第5卷(Vol. 5).pp. 81–85


An Investigation of Teacher Wastage in Hong Kong

黃錦樟(Kam-Cheung WONG)




The recent rapid rise of emigration in Hong Kong has not only caused shortage of manpower in many professions, it has also affected the teaching profession. The purpose of this article is to find out the extent of impact emigration has created on the secondary school teachers. The article first captures a brief literature review on the subject and differentiates wastage from turnover. It then draws on a survey-finding of the Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary Schools Council of which the present author was the main organiser. The finding discloses that among the aided secondary schools, the teacher wastage rate was about 8.5%. This was a rise from a rather constant 6% wastage rate recorded by the Education Department in the past few years. Among those who left, over 15% was directly due to emigration, another 23% was associated with the same reason. This initial evidence does establish that emigration has been the major cause of the recent shortage of teachers in the secondary schools.